Yappr provides and offers an interactive mobile platform to connect dog owners.

Business challenges

The business challenge was to create social network for dog owners.

The system should allow users to:
  • Track other dogs on the map
  • Alert for dangerous dogs or events
  • Allow message exchange between users
  • Show points of interest for dog owners
  • Login with social networks
Our Solution
Software solution consists of:
  • Node.js based server hosted in AWS
  • Angular web app for POI editing
  • Mobile apps (Android Java and iOS Swift)
  • Team: 5 developers
  • Duration: 3 months of development
Specific Features
  • Instant Messaging feature is implemented as custom lightweight web service protocol
Business Benefits

The company has got the fully functional and scalable software which allows to grow user base and expand business options.

Basic Info:

A social network for dog owners

Our role:

Backend development and Android and iOS mobile applications development

  • Node
  • Angular
  • Android Java
  • iOS Swift