Mobile and web E-commerce application
Business challenges

The business challenge for the customer was to create e-commerce software solution.

The system should allow users to do the following:
  • Exchange services using virtual payment options
  • Exchange labor using virtual payment options
  • Secure payment for exchanging virtual and real payment options
Our Solution
We developed a software solution which consists of:
  • Node.js based server hosted in AWS
  • Angular e-commerce web app for user trading
  • Angular back-office admin panel app
  • Mobile apps (Android Java and iOS Swift)
  • Elasticsearch
  • Lightweight custom web service based on instant messaging
  • Team: 5 developers
  • Duration: 5 months of development
Specific Features
  • Stripe payment processor integration
Business Benefits

The outcome of the project is a reliable e-commerce software which works as described in the initial specification.The software is about to be released on the app stores during 2019.

Basic Info:

Mobile and web E-commerce application

Our role:

Development and maintenance of the entire web and mobile application

  • Node
  • Angular
  • Elasticsearch
  • Stripe
  • Android Java
  • iOS Swift