Win money playing video games against anyone in the world on Playstation4, Xbox One, and PC...

Business challenges

The business challenge was to create a platform where gamers can play their favourite games and earn cash by winning. Players have their own ranks for each game and are matched with an opponent of similar skills. This platform supports PayPal, Credit cards, as well as Crypto.

How to play:
  • We match you with an opponent of similar skills
  • You play each other online on PS4, Xbox One, or PC
  • Win and receive cash instantly
Our Solution
Software solution consists of:
  • Nest.js based server hosted in AWS
  • Angular web app
  • Angular back-office admin panel app
  • TypeORM
  • WebSocket for Instant messaging
  • Team: 3 developers
  • Duration: 5 months of development
Specific Features
  • Paypal checkout payment processor integration
  • WebSocket
Basic Info:

Betting platform for gamers

Our role:

Development and maintenance of the entire web solution

  • Nest.js
  • Angular
  • TypeORM
  • Paypal checkout