Win points and rewards watching events and predicting results global or against friends

Business challenges

The business challenge for our client was to create a platform where gamers can follow their favourite events and earn rewards by playing and competing.

How to play:
  • We match you with an opponent of similar skill
  • You play each other online on PS4, Xbox One, or PC
  • Win and receive cash instantly
Our Solution
Software solution consists of:
  • Node.js based server hosted in AWS
  • React app
  • WebSocket for Instant messaging
  • Team: 3 developers
  • Duration: 7 months of development
Specific Features
  • Integration with eSport and real sport game & result providers
  • Payment processor integration
  • WebSocket
Basic Info:

Platform for game lovers to challenge each other

Our role:

Development and maintenance of the entire software solution.

  • Nest.js
  • Angular
  • TypeORM
  • Paypal checkout