DES Performance Distilling

DES Performance distilling app is intended for users of the Performance hobby 100 L still. Connected to the still by the Bluetooth connection.

Business challenges

Connect to the still by the Bluetooth connection, which allows you to monitor the distillation process and temperature movements in the mash, column, dephlegmator, cooler and of the final distillate. The app alarms you if the temperature goes higher then allowed. Also the app gives directives how to manage the still, how to control and maintain the temperatures.

    Our Solution
    Software solution consists of:
    • Java based Android app
    • Team: 2 developers
    • Duration: 2 months of development
    Specific Features
    • Bluetooth connection with custom hardware
    • Hardware interface
    Basic Info:

    Mobile app with custom hardware interface

    Our role:

    Development and maintenance of the mobile app

    • Android
    • Java