This is a small logic game that challenges you to roll the cube on the board until you move it to the Finish Tile. The catch is to place the right cube face on the right Tile.

Business challenges

The business challenge was to create a game using Unity framework.

The Cube is actually a prison for six Gods. Each god is occupying one face of the cube, each one with special set of abilities. You have to awake all the Gods and get them on the right path back to Heaven.
    Our Solution
    Software solution consists of:
    • Unity-based Android app
    • Unity-based iOS app
    • Team: 2 developers
    • Duration: 2 months of development
    Specific Features
    • Unity
    • Gaming
    Basic Info:

    Unity based logic game

    Our role:

    Game Development

    • Unity
    • Android
    • iOS